Helo Apps


HeloAppStore is a dedicated site for Apps developed by subject matter experts, exclusively for our HELO Devices.

The HeloAppStore was launched to provide a dedicated space to showcase all the apps available and in-development that operate with our HELO Devices.

The store has third-party developed apps, providing a platform for users to choose from many applications that HELO can be used for.



Life Sensing Technology platform
has developers in mind

Our Life Sensing Technology platform has developers in mind, most of our devices are on an Open API (Open application programming interface). This open API seeks to encourage and invite developers to make full use of the capabilities of our devices, in the creation of apps to add to the wide range of possibilities in wellness technology.

One example of our API Platform’s benefits is the third-party developer HEKA Corp designed a companion app for HELO (HEKA App), producing analysis and easy-to-understand reports from our Continuous Health Monitoring System capabilities.


HEKA+ is a newly released app that pairs with our two latest models of HELO LX+ And LX

HEKA Corp, a third-party developer and subject matter expert who use our Helo data to bring you an exciting app that works with your Helo.

HEKA+ stores, analyzes and generates reports for HELO Wearers to help them understand their vitals and bio-parameters, informing them to empower their lifestyles centered in health and wellness.


HELO has been designed to operate on Open API platform.

HELO API allows developers to access all functions, sensors and data readings that HELO can generate to use in their applications, products, and services. The API provides most of the read and write methods that you will need to support your application. If you have uses or needs that are not currently supported by the API, drop by the Contact Us section on the HeloAppStore Dedicated site and let them know!

We look forward to seeing what the development community can make with the HELO API system that enables you to do jaw-dropping, mind-blowing stuff.

Future Health and Wellness

Everyone wants to live better, healthier lives. HELO was designed with this and more in mind. HELO focuses on monitoring bio-parameters and vital signs. HELO then transmits the data into apps that can be developed for your smartphone, laptop, and possibly even your treadmill.

How is HELO different?

HELO gives consumers the freedom to choose any app for fitness, nutrition, wellness, and healthcare. HELO is the only SmartBand to give developers continuous, raw data access. HELO uses standard and open Bluetooth Low Energy profiles, so it works with any platform operating in those standards.

HELO is a wearable device designed with developers in mind.

Currently, most trackers for fitness and health are built for use by a single proprietary app. We want to change that. We are opening up communication protocols, API/SDK, and sensor data streams. We do this to allow all creative and scientific implementation of our device’s technology, ultimately offering more to users and developers.

Made for developers

An open eco-system was not an afterthought for HELO. We are already working with researchers and medical experts to ensure HELO can help bring their ideas and dreams to life. Developers will be able to use HELO to create apps for iPhone, Android, and other devices that support BLE protocol. In the future, we imagine devices like HELO doing amazing things. It is exhilarating to try and guess where this technology could take us in just a few years. However, for health innovation to become a reality on a massive scale, we need platforms open to as many creative and scientific minds as possible. HELO was built precisely for those minds.

Measuring your Bio-parameters

HELO uses an array of precision bio-sensors to analyze any pulse wave related measurements. These metrics can support a wide range of applications, from smarter fitness to sophisticated medical diagnostics. Raw sensor data can be used for medical research or diagnostics.