Helo Corp

We are a technology, wearable device, and data company with an open platform enabling the conversion of wearer data into actionable wearer information. We embed our Life Sensing Technology into our innovative, connected, wearable devices. Our Life Sensing Technology uses state-of-the-art sensors, enhanced signal processing, and algorithms to collect and process specific data from our device wearers. Our database contains extensive multi-ethnic, biometric and vital sign data, which not only informs our in-house development, but also has the potential to develop into a diverse and abundant resource for wellness and health-related data mining, and third-party software application (or App) development. We continuously gather data from our wearers in an effort to build an anonymized database that may enable our partners to determine new insights, identify new trends generated from our wearer data and offer our wearers information-based solutions based on our platform.