Fabio Galdi

Chief Technology Officer, and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Fabio Galdi has served as our Chief Technology Officer since February 1, 2018. On October 29, 2014, Mr. Fabio Galdi was named our Chief Executive Officer, President, and Secretary, and appointed as Chairman of the Board of Directors. On May 12, 2017, Mr. Galdi resigned from these positions but was re-appointed as our Chairman of the Board on January 12, 2018. Mr. Galdi is currently the President and CEO of VYVO, a multinational, direct selling wearables and technology products company based in the USA and our sole distributor.

Mr. Galdi is a computer science and telecommunications expert. He graduated in 1992 from the Technical and Industrial College at ITIS G. Marconi, Italy, with a degree in Computer Science. Mr. Galdi began his career as an Internet and technology entrepreneur. In 1994, he created the People\’s Network, an Internet start-up in Europe that became Italy’s second-largest internet service provider and the fifth largest in Europe. In 1997 he successfully exited this business. Mr. Galdi subsequently founded Mecotek International, an information technology company based in Singapore, where he was responsible for Product Strategy and set up manufacturing in China and Thailand in 2002 and partnered with Italy’s public administration to undertake one of their biggest custom-made, personal computer project, valued at more than 60 Million Euros. In 2005, he founded his first Network Marketing company specializing in telecommunications, Telme Communication Pte Ltd., building operations in more than 50 countries, with over 250,000 subscribers and 75,000 distributors and over 100 million dollars in revenue. Mr. Galdi resigned from this company in 2009. Mr. Galdi served as Chief Executive Officer and Secretary of World Assurance Group, Inc. (now named Power Clouds Inc.)(OTC: PWCL) from March 5, 2014, to April 1, 2015, and as Chairman of the Board from March 5, 2014, to October 12, 2015.