Life Sensing Technology



Life Sensing Technology all began with the idea of using data collected from our wearable devices to create a platform capable of providing more than just vital signs elegantly stored in a database. Our vision is to use state-of-the-art sensors to gather the HELO wearer’s bio-data reliably, and to enable third-party subject matter experts to provide high-quality measurements and analysis. These, in turn, provide specific individualized wellness information to the HELO wearer, which encourages them to take actions which improve their wellness and quality of life.





and with it’s medical device grade sensors generating High-Quality PPGs enabling measurement of these bio-parameters:
Breath Rate
UV Absorbtion Indicator
Heart Rate
Sugar Trend Levels

Using HELO Extense

3-Axis Accelerometer for accurate tracking of:
Sleep Quality

(Light, Deep Sleep and Wake Up details)

Steps, Calories Burned, Distance
And Third-Party developers have used our state-of-the-art sensors to enable measurement of:
Blood Pressure Estimations
Heart Check Indicator

These goals took us back to the drawing board. Using state-of-the-art design, leveraging our experienced engineering team and incorporating state-of-the-art sensors, we were able to create devices capable of performing high-quality PPGs and NIR spectroscopic analysis.

Our flagship wearable HELO LX+ powered by Life Sensing Technology harnesses all of the learning and progress we made developing its predecessors.

Today, we have developed a Continuous Self-Care Monitoring SmartBand, combined with our OpenAPI Platform that easily connects Subject Matter Experts with HELO wearers, so that the HELO wearers can access the information necessary to take ownership of their health and wellness goals.


Developing devices that address old issues in new ways requires creativity, science, technology and most importantly – partnership.

With our partners, we are developing data-driven Machine-Learning Algorithms that combine the capabilities of our devices with third-party apps and service, to analyze and provide comprehensive and straightforward reports to HELO wearers. Some of these reports are enhanced by incorporating predictive methods that understand and learn from the behaviors of the HELO wearers.


Improving the Wellness Industry with Machine-Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine-Learning have infinite potential and many uses. An area in which it has and will continue to drive innovation and change our lives is in healthcare and wellness.

AI Machine-Learning Algorithms are already a part of our lives, whether we realize it or not.  Many prominent thinkers of our generation state that we are currently in a post-industrial revolution and the implication being that the revolution is over.

Others think that we are only at the beginning.  Our lives are wholly connected and dependent on the relationship between our data, its management, and analysis. These new technologies have the potential to change our physical and digital worlds in a significant way. Today, we now have the opportunity to use the phenomenal benefits of AI and Machine-Learning to enable innovation in the self-care and wellness sector, for the benefit of all HELO wearers.


Our Life Sensing Technology platform has
developers in mind

Most of our devices have migrated to our Open API 2.0 (Open Application Programming Interface). This Open API encourages and invites developers to make full use of the capabilities of our HELO devices, to work with subject matter experts to create apps that that will address a wide range of possibilities in the wellness sector.

One example of how our Open API Platform has provided benefits to HELO wearers is the provision of the HELO companion App, HEKA App designed and created by MedNua Corp. This HEKA App provides comprehensive analysis and easy-to-understand reports from our HELO devices and their Continuous Health Monitoring System capabilities.

A featured HELO App, HEKA+

MedNua Corp.’s app developers and subject matter experts have created an app specifically for HELO LX+ wearers.  These wearers have given limited permission to HEKA Corp to obtain restricted access to their data via our secure and Open API.  With HELO LX+ wearer permission, the HEKA + App then stores, analyzes and generates reports for these wearers so they can more easily understand their vitals and bio-parameters.  It provides continuous updates, informs their decisions and empowers these wearers to take actions appropriate for a healthier and wellness-centered lifestyle if they choose.


The possibilities are endless

For personalized Health

HELO Devices offers a personalized approach to wellness and health. We don’t limit ourselves to one area. We understand that the key to Wellness comes from an understanding of all the elements that make you, you.

That’s why Helo Corp has developed an approach to SmartBands that gives you a holistic experience. We have partnered with subject matter experts who, with the HELO wearer’s permission convert all the bio-parameter data and analysis into information that they have made easy to understand.  Consequently, once it is easy to understand, then it becomes possible to take action in an area that is critically important – the HELO wearer’s health.

Instead of being stuck in rigid, one-size fits all environment, the HELO device wearer can access the LifeLog platform which is continuously updated with data which allows experts to see the HELO wearer as a complex individual with a unique data profile generated from their activities and lifestyle. These experts can then interpret your HELO data into understandable, personalized information which they can use to generate actionable plans that suit the HELO wearer to become a better, healthier person.

LifeLog and HELO are here to make health a priority for HELO wearers and to make it easy to take action proactively, rather than waiting for results from an annual medical check-up or seeking emergency care when there is a problem.

Healthcare Providers/Physicians and Specialist

Some third-party HELO Apps and the LifeLog platform provide HELO wearer’s health trends over time. Now your have an alternative source of data rather than just relying on what a HELO wearer can recall during a short consultation. In addition, if the HELO wearer includes you as a care giver, the LifeLog platform can notify you if any abnormal measurements are detected so you can be proactive if necessary, allowing you the possibility of consulting remotely in a cost-effective and timely manner!

Schools, Universities and Research Labs

Helo Corp understands that the future of innovation in health and wellness is through active partnerships with scientists, medical technologists, physicians, pharmacists and all types of healthcare professionals. That’s why we have orientated our business model so that we can partner efficiently using our Open APIs. Developers and scientists can team up to create new ways of understanding how the human body functions from an individual perspective, and therefore how to make changes to improve performance and health.  

Our latest HELO, HELO LX+ gathers high-quality data which can be easily incorporated into studies and research. We seek to increase efficiency by effectively making advance health-technology remotely accessible to those experts that only have restricted access to equipment confined to a specific location.

Our objective is to create a world where anonymized data helps further the health of all.

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Legal Disclaimer

Measurements are for self-evaluation only and are not intended as a substitute for any clinical or medical measurement or diagnostics. All values should be considered ambulatory measurements and are subject to variation, should be considered as indicative within a high tolerance.

Please consult your doctor or therapist in case of inconsistency in the values measured, or in any case in which the measurements indicate any abnormal results.